What does babe mean?

babe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., quick for baban (very early 13c.), which most likely is imitative of infant talk (see babble), however in many languages the cognate word means "old girl" (compare Russian babushka "grandmother," from baba "peasant woman"). Crist crid in cradil, "moder, baba!" [John Audelay, c.1426] Now mostly superseded by its diminutive form child. utilized figuratively for "a childish person" from 1520s. Meaning "attractive young lady" is 1915, university slang. Babe when you look at the woods is from 1795.

babe meaning in General Dictionary

an extremely child (birth to 1 12 months) who's got not yet started to go or talk

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  • a baby; a young child of either intercourse; an infant.
  • A doll for children.

babe - German to English

Gugelhupf [Bundt dessert]

babe meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A child; a child of either sex; a child.

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  • (letter.) A doll for kids.

Sentence Examples with the word babe

She had already declared her intention of naming the babe Kiera whether it was a boy or girl.

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