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it is a dance journey when it comes to bloods for his or her payback toward crips...... a dance or action that a bloodstream performs following the murder of a competing group member or perhaps is performed to insult the rival gang The B-walk or else referred to as Blood stroll was initially created by Lil' Rotney, Nephew of Dj Quik. DJ Quik after that took the party and included variants the last product that had been referred to as Skip Walk. The B-Walk was performed on-stage by DJ Quik and Mossberg in a show by which they sport yellow tops within Recita Country Club. It had been first-done as a routine and ended up being meant as a result until people started initially to Crip walk against it and for that reason came to be known as the B-Walk. The B-Walk had been never meant to be taken as really given that Crip stroll but even more as a-dance program the other to own enjoyable with.