What does böglyft mean?

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the initial Swedish term for 'gaylift', for example. an act, when a person (the lifter) lifts another man (the flyer).The böglyft was pioneered by two dudes in Sweden and has now since become a world-famous activity.When performing a classical böglyft, the lifter supports the flyer's body with one (ideally right) supply while his other supply aids the flyer's (left) leg also keeps a strong grip associated with the flyer's penis. A hardon is recommended, be it a jokeboner or perhaps the real package.Style things tend to be granted if flyer's underwear is down by his ankles.A photo of initial böglyft can be bought here (caution: penis demonstrably visible):http://crazyswedes.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/boglyft2.jpg