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A Progressive Rock/Metal band from Netherlands, Arjen Anthony Lucassen may be the only consistant user. There are lots of guests showcased on Ayreon albums, mainly singers. The only member maintain apearing is Ed Warby. Proven to make concept records, only 1 of these albums is not. (Actual Fantasy)Side tasks feature: Ambeon, Star One, Strange Hobby and plenty of other people. The maximum musical organization ever! Its a blend of both Rock and Instrumental songs (a lot of synthesizer work). They have 7 Albums thus far. My personal favorite is "Final Experiment" which can be actually 1st record album! If you like some rock rings, and like Jean Michel Jarre's work... This band is simply available! But provide them with a-try even if you dont like each of them. As a sidenote this musical organization may also be starting the steel Genre.P.S: we do not know very well what occurred to Ayreon _after_ the ultimate experiment, oh well... If anybody can tell me just what occurred!