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Aylesbury is a small city positioned between Luton, Milton keynes and near to numerous shit locations such as for example slough.Aylesbury is overun by chavs, pakis and rudeboys.Great place to get if you wish to be outdone shitless. After 2 minutes of stepping into aylesbury you certainly will most certanly be provided some of the finest e's and skunk, dealt by the jamaican neighborhood and chavs. Places in order to prevent during the night are stoke mandeville flats, bedgrove park in which you will likely be accused of burgalry at least once. (personal expericances).I lived-in aylesbury for 15 years and now real time inmaidstonewhich isnt definitely better, the only distinction is within maidstone all of them are white wannabes, pikeys, chavs and pricks in aylesbury it really is mainly the asian community starting on people who enter the kabab shop they hang in together with black colored community whom from "hp20" who smack passers-by with baseball bats, (once again personal experiance).The schools are the Grange which attempts to teach the asain community but ends up with an instructor getting stabbed with a chisel. You can find almost all of the chavs dangling outside mc donalds smoking a spliff and starting on family members consumers.

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The Metropolitan railway has a line from Baker Street through north-west London to Harrow, continuing to Uxbridge, while the original main line runs on to Rickmansworth, Aylesbury and Verney Junction, but has been worked by the Metropolitan and Great Central companies jointly since 1906.

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