What does axonometric projection mean?

axonometric projection meaning in Law Dictionary

1. a projection that presents an ojects three measurements. The axes tend to be oriented relative to the projected area. 2. A 3d drawing of a building centered on a floor program. The outlines tend to be parallel therefore perspective is certainly not considered.

axonometric projection meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Parallel projection which an object seems to be rotated to show its all three measurements. Axonometric forecasts tend to be categorized according to the way the principle axes tend to be oriented relative to the projected surface. Isometric projection is a type of axonometric projection. 2. Three-dimensional architectural drawing of a building for which visible elevations are based on a floor program. These types of drawings, although real to scale, are wrong in terms of viewpoint because all outlines continue to be parallel in place of receding to a standard vanishing point.