What does axolotl mean?

axolotl meaning in General Dictionary

An amphibian associated with salamander tribe based in the elevated lakes of Mexico the siredon

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  • larval salamander of mountain ponds of Mexico that always lives without metamorphosing
  • An amphibian for the salamander tribe found in the increased ponds of Mexico; the siredon.

axolotl meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1786, genus of Mexican salamanders, from Spanish, from Nahuatl, literally "servant of liquid," from atl "water" + xolotl "slippery or wrinkled one, servant, servant" [see Frances Karttunen, "An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl"].

axolotl - German to English

ajolote [Ambystoma mexicanum]

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  • axolotl [Ambystoma mexicanum]
  • Mexican walking fish [coll., Ambystoma mexicanum]
  • wooper looper [Ambystoma mexicanum]

axolotl meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An amphibian of the salamander tribe based in the elevated ponds of Mexico; the siredon.

Sentence Examples with the word axolotl

This the present writer is inclined to doubt, considering that he has received examples of the normal Amblystoma tigrinum from various parts of Mexico, and that Alfred Duges has described an Amblystoma from mountains near Mexico City; at the same time he feels very suspicious of the various statements to that effect which have appeared in so many works, and rather disposed to make light of the ingenious theories launched by biological speculators who have never set foot in Mexico, especially Weismann's picture of the dismal condition of the salt-incrusted surroundings which were supposed to have hemmed in the axolotl - the brackish Lago de Texcoco, the largest of the lakes near Mexico, being evidently in the philosopher's mind.

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