What does axiom mean?

axiom meaning in General Dictionary

A self evident and required truth or a proposition whose the fact is therefore evident as first sight that no reasoning or demonstration makes it plainer a proposition which it is important to neglect as ldquoThe entire is greater than a partrdquo ldquoA thing can't simultaneously be and not berdquo

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  • a saying which extensively acknowledged alone merits
  • (logic) a proposition that's not prone of evidence or disproof; its truth is assumed is self-evident
  • A self-evident and essential truth, or a proposition whose facts are therefore evident as first sight that no thinking or demonstration can make it plainer; an idea which it is necessary to simply take for issued; because, "the complete is higher than a part;" "A thing can not, at the same time frame, be and not be."
  • An established concept in a few art or technology, which, though not an essential truth, is universally received; as, the axioms of governmental economic climate.

axiom meaning in Urban Dictionary

(n.): principle, postulate. An established law. Some automobile brand name; seems great.

axiom meaning in Law Dictionary

In reasoning. A self-evident truth; an indisputable truth.

axiom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 15c., from Middle French axiome, from Latin axioma, from Greek axioma "authority," virtually "what is thought worthwhile or healthy," from axioun "to consider worthy," from axios "worthy, worth, of like price, weighing as much," from PIE adjective *ag-ty-o- "weighty," from root *ag- "to push, draw, go" (see act (n.)). Axioms in viewpoint aren't axioms until they truly are shown upon our pulses. [Keats, letter, might 3, 1818]

axiom meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Principle universally accepted within a rehearse or subject location based on its self-evident truth or intrinsic merit. 2. Preposition that's taken fully to be real within a concept's framework whether true in fact in the interests of debate or inference. Compared, an assumption is acknowledged as true only on the basis of verifiable proof.

axiom - German to English


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  • axiom of separation
  • axiom of preference
  • axiom of extensionality
  • axiom of primary units
  • axiom for the power set
  • axiom of separation
  • axiom of (the) union
  • axiom of infinity
  • postulate
  • axiom of Archimedes [also: Archimedes' axiom]

axiom meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

See Mathematics.

axiom meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) A self-evident and necessary truth, or a proposition whose truth is so obvious as first sight that no thinking or demonstration makes it plainer; a proposition which it's important to ignore; because, "the entire is greater than part;" "something cannot, at exactly the same time, be and not be."

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  • (a.) An established principle in some art or research, which, though perhaps not a required truth, is universally obtained; because, the axioms of political economic climate.

Sentence Examples with the word axiom

The axiom of Cartesianism is, therefore, the Cogito ergo sum.

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