What does awwwuh awwwuh mean?

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A modification of defined term "aww," that it is initial kind is employed to describe feeling with respect to something which is unfortunate or distressing; to exhibit comfort or compassion and/or label something as cute. "Awwuh" is an increasingly more common phoentic term where the last two letters "uh" tend to be said with a steadily increasing volume in a high pitch regularity.most often used by twits, twats, dumb blondes, area women, cheerleaders, chav-girls, men and women like Amy Winehouse and girls regarding preferred tv series, the "O.C." An adjustment of this defined word "aww," that it's initial form can be used to spell it out feeling pertaining to a thing that is unfortunate, upsetting; showing convenience or compassion and/or label one thing as sweet. "Awwuh" is tremendously more prevalent phoentic term where in actuality the last two letters "uh" are stated with a steadily increasing volume in a top pitch frequency.mostly used by twits, twats, stupid blondes, valley women, cheerleaders, chav-girls, individuals like Amy Winehouse and girls regarding the popular television show, the "O.C."