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a phrase regularly explain an awkward circumstance, particularly in driving. an uncomfortable circumstance, person, or thing. Originally trademarked by the one and only, thuggin, Rachel Rystedt. It stumbled on her mind when hearing Rack City, together with her ginger buddy. Awk City is the most awkward situation possible; it really is a state that not the Awkward Turtle could conserve. When one gets in Awk City (in interactions or life situations), you are gonna want to leave as fast as possible."The Awk City Slashers," the baseball team of Awk City, may be the rival staff of "The Perf City Slashers," and always loses. Awk City is found 50 miles east of Perf City, and it is inhabited by brown marshes, scarce flatlands, and life-size cutouts of Barry Gibb.