What does awesome mean?

awesome meaning in General Dictionary

Causing awe appalling terrible as a wonderful picture

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  • inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
  • Causing awe; appalling; terrible; because, a wonderful picture.
  • Expressive of awe or horror.

awesome meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "profoundly reverential," from awe (letter.) + -some (1). Indicating "inspiring awe" is from 1670s; weakened colloquial feeling of "impressive, good" is taped by 1961 and was in vogue from after c.1980. Related: Awesomely; awesomeness.

awesome meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Causing awe; appalling; awful; because, an awesome sight.

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  • (a.) Expressive of awe or terror.

Sentence Examples with the word awesome

While I sympathized in concept, the very nature of Howie's capabilities were so awesome to me, I couldn't conceive the ramifications of broadening them.

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