What does awesaur mean?

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Awesaur may be the joining of this terms awesome and dinosaur and will have multiple definitions, based on context.1. A purely descriptive term used to describe a dinosaur, or something like that dinosaur-related, this is certainly awesome.2. Regarding "being an awesaur", the expression can be used to explain an action somebody is undertaking or has just carried out that relates to dinosaurs and it is awesome.Examples feature dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller while miming obtaining the small claws of a t-rex.3. I regards to information 2, sometimes "being an awesaur" may take in a different sort of definition. It is a-frame of brain for people of a specific nerd subcategory.It describes people of a very nerdy disposition whom additionally happen to be component dinosaur. In this instance, becoming part dinosaur identifies personality faculties such as a love of stomping and menacing of this general population, use of the term rawr in discussion, understanding of dinosaurs and dinosaur related items, and endorsement of a broad scaly appearance.See dinoriffic, dinorawr, dinosaurnessSee also Scale of Dinosaurs