What does awareness mean?

awareness meaning in General Dictionary

conscious understanding as he had no awareness of their errors

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  • condition of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness
  • having knowledge of

awareness meaning in Urban Dictionary

Another term for intellegence found in the middle-class ghetto.

awareness meaning in Law Dictionary

How well a brand name or organization is understands. A target is placed to boost sales.

awareness meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1828, from aware + -ness.

awareness meaning in Business Dictionary

In marketing and advertising, way of measuring how good understood a brandname, company, or product is. Businesses generally set a target the degree of awareness they want to attain, and prepare a promotional promotion to achieve that target.

awareness meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Consciousness considered in its facet of act; an act of mindful understanding for instance the sensing of a color spot and/or sense of discomfort is distinguished from the content dealt with, the sensed color area, the believed discomfort. The psychologlcal theory of deliberate work had been advanced by F. Brentano (Psychologie vom empirischen Standpunkte) and got its epistemological development by Meinong, Husserl, Moore, Laird and wide. See Intentionalism. -- L.W.

Sentence Examples with the word awareness

She calmed in his arms, and he focused on comforting her and not his awareness of her soft body pressed against him.

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