What does avulsion mean?

avulsion meaning in General Dictionary

A tearing asunder a forcible separation

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  • an abrupt improvement in this course of a stream that forms the boundary between two parcels of land resulting in the loss of an element of the land of just one landowner and a consequent boost in the land of another
  • a forcible tearing or surgical split of 1 body part from another
  • A tearing asunder; a forcible separation.
  • A fragment torn down.
  • The abrupt elimination of lands or earth through the property of one-man compared to that of another by an inundation or a current, or by a abrupt improvement in this course of a river through which an integral part of the estate of one-man is take off and joined towards property of some other. The house in the part therefore separated, or cut-off, continues when you look at the initial owner.

avulsion meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the change into the edge of two properties because of an abrupt improvement in the normal length of a stream or lake, if the border is defined because of the station associated with the waterway. The absolute most popular American situation may be the Mississippi River'"s change which put Vicksburg on the other hand of river.

avulsion meaning in Medical Dictionary

Tearing away. a neurological is avulsed by a personal injury, as well as part of a bone.

avulsion meaning in Law Dictionary

removing a substantial level of earth from the land of one guy, and its deposit upon or annexation into land of some other, abruptly by the perceptible action of water. 2 Washb. Genuine Prop. 452. The house of the component therefore divided continues within the initial owner, which value avulsion differs from alluvion, in which an addition is insensibly made to home by the progressive cleansing down of the lake, and which addition becomes the home of owner of places that the inclusion is made. Wharton. And find out Rees v. McDaniel, 115 Mo. 145, 21 S. W. 013; Nebraska v. Iowa. 143 U. S. 359, 12 Sup. Ct. 396, 36 L. Ed. 1S6; Bouvier v. Stricklett, 40 Neb. 792, 59 N. W. 550; Chicago v. Ward, 109 111. 392, 48 N. E. 927, 3S IJ. R. A. 849, 61 Am. St. Rep. 185.

avulsion meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The tearing or breaking away of a component.

avulsion meaning in Business Dictionary

Sudden and abrupt change in the boundary between two pieces of land as a result of overflow waters or a modification of a river's training course. Avulsion will not change the ownership associated with extracted land which remains the property of original owner.

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avulsion meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A tearing asunder; a forcible split.

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  • (n.) A fragment torn off.
  • (letter.) The unexpected elimination of places or earth through the estate of just one guy to that of another by an inundation or an ongoing, or by a sudden change in this course of a river by which part of the property of 1 man is stop and joined up with into the estate of another. The home within the part therefore separated, or cut-off, goes on in initial owner.