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Adult Verification program the colorado avalanche nhl hockey team from denver, colorado 1) Cavernous and roast beef-like;2) having blue waffle-like symptoms after 5 months of development;3) from 7-9 months, AVS will develop into a black-hole with teeth, which leads to a penis-encrusted vagina;4) a peni tree begins to form after 1 year of development;5) 6 days are needed the peni tree to completely develop;6) After a completely developed peni tree, the AVS goes into hibernation for 6-8 days;7) after, the AVS becomes so contagious that actual, psychological, or psychological contact is dangerous;FYI) If an infant is born during any developmental stage of AVS, the child will develop into a peni tree, so pregnancy is strictly reserved for people who do not have AVS.FYwe 2) AVS is also known as Amy's Vagina Syndrome Hungarian Secret Police from the end of WWII to 1956, whenever during a riot they where systematically rounded up and executed. Absolute price option