What does avoidance mean?

avoidance meaning in General Dictionary

The act of annulling annulment

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  • deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or stopping from taking place
  • The act of annulling; annulment.
  • The act to become vacant, or the condition of being vacant; -- especially utilized for the state of a benefice becoming void by the death, starvation, or resignation associated with the incumbent.
  • A dismissing or a quitting; removal; detachment.
  • The work of preventing or shunning; keeping away from.
  • The process of law through which any such thing is held down.

avoidance meaning in Law Dictionary

making vald, or of no effect; annulling, cancelling; escaping or evading. In English ecclesiastical legislation. The word describes the health of a benefice with regards to doesn't have incumbent In parliamentary language, avoidance of a decision indicates evading or superseding a question, or escaping the visiting a decision upon a pending concern. Holthouse. In pleading. The allegation or declaration of brand new matter, versus a former pleading, which, admitting the facts alleged this kind of former pleading, reveals cause the reason why they ought to not need their ordinary appropriate result. Mahaiwe Bank v. Douglass, 31 Conn. 175; Cooper v. Tappan, 9 Wis. 366; Meadows v. Insurance Co., 62 Iowa, 387, 17 N. W. 600; Uri v. Hirsch (C. C.) 123 Fed. 570.

avoidance meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "action of emptying," from avoid + -ance. Feeling of "action of dodging or shunning" is taped from early 15c.; it also designed "activity of creating legitimately invalid," 1620s; "becoming vacant" (of an office, etc.), mid-15c.

avoidance meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

an ailment where specific organisms can purposely prolong the actual quantity of time these are generally inactive as the result of some type of environmental stress.

avoidance meaning in Business Dictionary

Escapement from a responsibility or responsibility usually through ingenious and (unlike evasion) appropriate means, like taxation avoidance.

avoidance meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A risk administration technique wherein danger of reduction is avoided in its entirety by not engaging in activities that present the chance. As an example, a construction firm may decide not to ever undertake ecological remediation tasks to prevent the dangers of this particular work.

avoidance meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of annulling; annulment.

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  • (letter.) The work to become vacant, and/or condition of being vacant; -- specifically employed for their state of a benefice getting void by the demise, deprivation, or resignation of the incumbent.
  • (letter.) A dismissing or a quitting; elimination; withdrawal.
  • (letter.) The work of preventing or shunning; maintaining clear of.
  • (n.) The courts wherein any such thing is held off.

Sentence Examples with the word avoidance

The opposition were determined to raise debates in the House of Commons on the fiscal question, and Mr Balfour was no less determined not to be caught in their trap. These tactics of avoidance reached their culminating point when on one occasion Mr Balfour and his supporters left the House and allowed a motion hostile to tariff reform to be passed nem.

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