What does avocado mean?

avocado meaning in General Dictionary

The pulpy fresh fruit of Persea gratissima a tree of tropical The united states It is concerning the size and shape of a sizable pear labeled as also avocado pear alligator pear midshipmans butter

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  • associated with the dull yellowish-green of beef of an avocado
  • a pear-shaped tropical fresh fruit with green or blackish skin and wealthy yellow pulp enclosing one large seed
  • exotic American tree bearing big pulpy green fresh fruits
  • The pulpy fresh fruit of Persea gratissima, a tree of tropical The United States. It's in regards to the decoration of a big pear; -- labeled as in addition avocado pear, alligator pear, midshipman's butter.

avocado meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1763, from Spanish avocado, changed (by people etymology impact of early in the day Spanish avocado "lawyer," from same Latin supply as supporter (letter.)) from earlier aguacate, from Nahuatl (Aztecan) ahuakatl "avocado" (with another meaning "testicle" most likely considering resemblance), from proto-Nahuan *pawa "avocado." As a color-name, very first attested 1945. The English corruption alligator (pear) is 1763, from Mexican Spanish alvacata, alligato.

avocado meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A tropical pear shaped good fresh fruit with a large single pit. It's skin might have a smooth or rough-textured green to dark purple shade. It really is flesh is a light green or yellowish green with a smooth creamy surface. This has a higher unsaturated fat content and is typically eaten raw served in salads or perhaps in guacamole.

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  • A fruit addressed as a vegetable, the avocado is native to Central or south usa, but is today commonly grown in Florida, Ca, and many various other cozy locations. It should be quite soft before starting and consuming. Fruit with leathery skin and soft, buttery skin; it yields to light stress when ripe; the Haas is smaller with pebbly black-brown epidermis and is darker versus emerald type grown in Florida; always utilize Haas avocados as they are much more flavorful and much less watery as compared to Florida variety

avocado - German to English

alligator pear [Persea americana]

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  • avocado
  • avocado pear [Persea americana]
  • avocado [Persea americana, Persea gratissima]
  • butter pear [Persea americana]

avocado meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The pulpy fruit of Persea gratissima, a tree of exotic America. It is towards shape and size of a big pear; -- labeled as additionally avocado pear, alligator pear, midshipman's butter.

Sentence Examples with the word avocado

The number of fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and plants that have been introduced and are successfully cultivated or grow wild is much greater; among them are the mango, orange, banana, pineapple, coconut, palm, grape, fig, strawberry, litchi (Nephelium litchi) - the favourite fruit of the Chinese - avocado or alligator pear (Persea gratissi ma), Sapodilla pear (Achras sapota), loquat or mespilus plum (Eriobotrya japonica), Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana), tamarind (Tamarindus indica), papaw (Carica papaya), resembling in appearance the cantaloupe, granadilla (Passiflora quadrangularis) and guava (Psidium guajava).

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