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One beautiful youthful girl just who i aodre greatly. She actually is just the coolest person you would previously satisfy. referring to a girl's logarithmic potential for hotness. if you're a 2 regarding Avni scale, this means you will be ten times hotter than a-1. it gets beyond control past 5 or 6. be serious, no chick is hot. an individual who can be angry at me. a man's name, directed at those that rightfully deserve it really is worthiness. Wise in countless places and whose face employs under the term stubborn when you look at the dictionary. Sexy as hell, affectionate, honest, and beautiful inside and outside. Any woman w/ a brain would walk out their way to be with an Avni. He is able to brigten anyones day, even though it is already quite bright. The most perfect girl for an Avni is Rachael.