What does avey avey avey avey mean?

avey avey avey avey meaning in Urban Dictionary

a person who cusses plenty, has ended confident, and attempts to challenging be preferred. Is usualy light-skinned. somebody who cusses excessively, attempts to work too cool, tries to become a badass, or somebody who is just level annoying 1.someone just who thinks they truly are really difficult, when they're not2.someone just who tries to be cool when they'ren't3.someone just who cusses nearly every sentance in order to be cool4.someone who thinks that they are highly popular and good at activities, when everyone except all of them knows otherwise person who attempts to be also cool for himself, requires out girls who will be way to avoid it of his league, believes he's a pimp as well as baller. Substitute for words eg penis, douche, asshole, ect.