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an averi is a hot girl who is smarter than many men but doesnt care anyway.they are crazy drunks and want to have fun.people make fun of averi's cause they have been jelous.athletic.and has mainly guy pals cause girls are bitches.love for eating.everyone really wants to be friends with an averi. A truly good girl you always desire to be around she might be crazy at times however you gotta love the lady! She actually is truly wise and pretty and lovable and everybody really wants to be friends along with her. Averi is an attractive woman who has got eyes like a perspective and an attractive human anatomy,most men fight over the girl and take advantage of the woman but that's because she falls crazy to fast and doesn't believe,she is an extremely painful and sensitive deep individual she actually is shy when you first satisfy this lady however whenever she gets always you she can become a whole different individual,She is able to combat I would personallyn't wreck havoc on an Averi she doesn't look like a hardcore person but once you piss the lady off adequate she'll blow up in your face and kick your butt,she is ghetto only in a fight she does not want to show it,most of the woman family members dosage maybe not understand the girl they understand one part and is amazed because of the various other,she can dance but just around individuals who she understands aren't judgmental,her buddies tend to be crazy like the lady some times she tends to make the woman buddies crazier but just the woman best friends,you cannot really find out an Averi she is really unpredictable but fun to be around and speaks a great deal,she will do material you cannot imagine she's extremely daring and that can be a b**** only when she thinks your becoming rude or even to demanding,she doesn't like becoming called brands despite the fact that she gives most of them out many the days she has a mindset and will be rude but as soon as you log in to the woman great side she actually is cool,she is vulnerable but only if she feels maybe not safe incase people are judging her,she is fun awesome and has plenty of pals,don't underestimate an Averi. A lady with a tremendously attractive collection of leg's and a hot smile. An Averi is usually discovered sitting at Computer 3 within the college library. Though they could be stunning, Averi's are life-threatening to many koreans. Averi's will often leap out and strike their razor-sharp talons if provoked. They have been discovered to-be poor against fire and floor kind pokemon, but they are strong against liquid. Catching an Averi isn't any easy task, very first you need to lure all of them into a false sense of protection ideally by taking down your jeans. A Ultra Ball will become necessary in order to capture the wild Averi as she is a Legendary pokemon.