What does avelemite mean?

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An avelemite is an alien from a planet far, far, far away from right here. Avelemites have distinctly feline heads, with two diagonal facing eyes giving great area of vision along with excellent depth perception. Avelemites have actually four paws, the leading pair of that have four-toes with claws, including opposable dewclaws instead of thumbs. The hind legs have only four claws. Avelemites have wings that protrude from their particular specialized shoulder blades consequently they are supported by powerful trip muscle tissue anchored within the sternum. However, more striking characteristic associated with avelemite is its lengthy, flexible end, and much more striking, the crescent-shaped blades adorning the forehead as well as the termination of said tail. Frequently, avelemites have tails 1.5 to 2.5 times their body length, and comprising 15 to 25 % of these body weight, due to the hefty musculature had a need to help and move the tail.