What does availability mean?

availability meaning in General Dictionary

the grade of becoming readily available availableness

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  • the quality of being at hand when needed
  • the caliber of becoming readily available; availableness.
  • That which is available.

availability meaning in Law Dictionary

1.when a reference is able to be used. 2. the % some type of computer is functional. 3. the capability of every item to-do its task whenever it requires to.

availability meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1803, from available + -ity.

availability meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Characteristic of a reference that is committable, operable, or functional upon need to perform its designated or needed function. It will be the aggregate regarding the resource's ease of access, reliability, maintainability, serviceability, and securability. 2. Processing: portion of time a pc system can be acquired for usage. Formula: Uptime x 100 ÷ (Uptime + Downtime). 3. Quality-control: potential of a product to execute its designated function, when required.

availability meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The standard of becoming offered; availableness.

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  • (n.) That which can be acquired.

Sentence Examples with the word availability

In some cases, as when heat is converted into the kinetic energy of moving machinery or the potential energy of raised weights, there is an ascent of energy from the less available form of heat to the more available form of mechanical energy, but in all cases this is accompanied by the transfer of other heat from a body at a high temperature to one at a lower temperature, thus losing availability to an extent that more than compensates for the rise.

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