What does autrocity mean?

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an awful atrocity of an automobile.usually requires some whacked out adjustments, can be known to come as "stock", or both.fine picture examples at www.youdrivewhat.comsome types of 'stock' autrocities:AMC EaglePontiac AztecSubaru BajaHonda TruckCadillac TruckGM "Hummer" and "H2"frequently these cars are too good and shiny to ever before get speck of dust to them, notably less put a bike in to the straight back of them. With them as a computer program automobile generally requires being forced to buy additional functions and racks and/or the removal of seats -- completely defeating the goal of the vehicle being of use, and/or 'utilized'.Also generally a S.U.C - recreation ineffective vehicle. see sucSee suv, hoopty,hummer, escalade, whip, jalopy, humvee