What does autotrophic mean?

autotrophic meaning in General Dictionary

Capable of self nourishment requiring just minerals for growth using carbonate or carbon-dioxide as a source of carbon and easy inorganic nitrogen as a nitrogen supply said of plants for which photosynthetic activity takes place and certain micro-organisms its opposed to parasitism or saprophytism

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  • of or associated with organisms (as green plants) that may make complex organic nutritive substances from easy inorganic resources by photosynthesis

autotrophic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A term accustomed indicate an organism that produces their very own way to obtain food.

Sentence Examples with the word autotrophic

Parasites, again, were derived from normal autotrophic plants, which, as the parasitic habit became more pronounced, acquired the corresponding characteristics of form and structure; there is, in fact, the group of hemi-parasites, plants which still retain autotrophic characters though they are root-parasites.

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