What does automobile insurance mean?

automobile insurance meaning in Law Dictionary

plan that covers autombiles from bodily damage, death, collision, non collision problems, medical prices because of damage, accommodations vehicle reimbursement, towing, labor. Any or all the aspects can be covered. It applies to underinsured vehicles also.

automobile insurance meaning in Business Dictionary

Policy that frequently includes some or every one of the following: (1) Bodily injury responsibility for injury of death resulting from a collision due to the insured, (2) Collision coverage for damage due to a collision, (3) Comprehensive coverage for damage maybe not caused by a collision, (4) responsibility protection for problems for property resulting from a collision due to the insured, (5) health payments insurance for treatment of accidents resulting from a collision brought on by any celebration, (6) leasing reimbursement for repayment of a rental vehicle while the guaranteed's automobile has been repaired, (7) Towing and work for towing the insured's car to a garage and small repair works yet not the components, (8) Underinsured driver coverage for fees exceeding another celebration's insurance restriction, (9) Uninsured driver protection for data recovery of dues that will have now been compensated because of the various other celebration's insurer if she or he had one.

automobile insurance meaning in General Dictionary

insurance coverage against loss because theft or traffic accidents