What does automobile mean?

automobile meaning in General Dictionary

traveling in a car

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  • a self propelled vehicle utilized for transporting passengers suitable for usage on a street or roadway Many diferent types of cars have beenbuilt and sold commercially possessing different features like a retractable roofing in a convertible different braking systems various propulsion methods and diverse styling Most models have four wheels but some have-been constructed with three tires vehicles are often propelled by internal combustion engines using volatile inflammable liquids as gasoline or petrol alcohol naphtha etc and sometimes by vapor motors or electric motors the effectiveness of the driving engine differs from under 50 H P for previous models to over 200 H P bigger models or high performance recreations or racing automobiles a car is usually known as a vehicle or an automobile and generally in British usage engine automobiles
  • vacation in a car
  • an automobile with four tires; frequently propelled by an internal burning engine

automobile meaning in Law Dictionary

car with four rims and an engine. They move individuals and cargo around. Gas could be the gas with this transportation method. Some have actually electric or water operate machines too.

automobile meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1883, in reference to electric traction cars, from French vehicle (adj.), 1861, a hybrid from Greek autos "self" (see auto-) + French cellular "moving," from Latin mobilis "movable" (see mobile (adj.)).

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  • "self-propelled automobile," 1895, from French automobile, short for v

automobile meaning in Business Dictionary

Motorized vehicle composed of four rims and powered by an internal motor. Vehicles are acclimatized to transfer men and women and products from place to a different place. After many years or numerous designs, creators were able to develop a practical basic design this is certainly employed by significant automakers as first step toward their styles. Automobiles generally utilize fuel to fuel the interior engine, but technological advances have actually led to the look of automobiles that operate on electricity and even water.

automobile meaning in Insurance Dictionary

See car, the expression that is used instead of "automobile" in most automobile obligation insurance coverages, and Automobile, the expression mostly found in statutes concerning automobiles.

automobile - German to English

cars [esp. Am.]

automobile - French to English

vehicle [Am.]

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  • automobile
  • motorized

Sentence Examples with the word automobile

Thanks, however, to the efforts of automobile engineers, great improvements were now being effected in the petrol engine, and, although the certainty and trustworthiness of its action still left something to be desired, it provided the designers of flying machines with what they had long been looking for - a motor FIG.

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