What does automatically mean?

automatically meaning in General Dictionary

In an automatic manner

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  • in a reflex way
  • in a mechanical way; by a mechanism
  • In an automatic way.

automatically meaning in Law Dictionary

1. to make use of an automated system to do a function. 2. to act without reasoning. Like a reflex.

automatically meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1834, "involuntarily, instinctively;" see automatic + -ly (2).

automatically meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Mechanically; via a computerized system. "The door into shop automatically starts once the electronic sensor views that you are standing at the door." 2. Without reasoning; via response. "Since it is one thing we had been taught to say as a young child, this has become a reflex an individual asks ‘How are you?' to instantly react ‘Good, just how are you?'".

automatically meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) In a computerized manner.

Sentence Examples with the word automatically

Every installation is made up of a boiler or other water heater, a tank or cylinder to contain the water when heated, and a cistern of cold water, the supply from which to the system is regulated automatically by a ball valve.

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