What does automatic transmission mean?

automatic transmission meaning in Urban Dictionary

An automotive transmission that was designed to meet the requirements of individuals who had been lacking an arm or a leg.in america, it's get to be the most common as a type of transmission.An automatic transmission removes the motorist's capacity to select the right gear for the present driving conditions.People with automated transmissions think that the brake system will be the main control devices whenever running a car. Automatic driver step-on their particular brake system if they approach intersections. They step on their brake system once they drive up hills. They step on their brake system when they see another vehicle on a side road. They step-on their particular brakes once they fall their Starbucks or their particular cell phone. In addition they step-on their particular brakes all the way down hills. This could be a very important thing, because whoever rides the brakes while driving within the Rockies quickly becomes a statistic.NO masculine guy drives an automatic. The automated is the transmission associated with fag, the sissy, the girly child, the wimp, therefore the fairy.Males which drive automatics say these are typically great in traffic. But everybody that knows simple tips to drive a manual transmission knows how to decelerate by raising the base from gas.

automatic transmission meaning in General Dictionary

a transmission that immediately changes the gears in accordance with the speed of car