What does automatic mean?

automatic meaning in General Dictionary

light machine-gun

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  • Having an inherent power of activity or motion
  • without volition or mindful control
  • resembling the unthinking performance of a device
  • operating with reduced human being intervention; independent of outside control
  • a pistol that hold firing through to the ammunition is finished or even the trigger is circulated
  • Alt. of Automatical

automatic meaning in Law Dictionary

way of doing items that is set to happen at particular times.

automatic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"self-acting, moving or functioning on its," 1812, from Greek automatos, used of the gates of Olympus while the tripods of Hephaestus (also "without evident cause, unintentionally"), from autos "self" (see auto-) + matos "thinking, animated" (see automaton). Of involuntary pet or man actions, from 1748, initially found in this feeling by English physician and philosopher David Hartley (1705-1757). In reference to a type of firearm, from 1877; especially of equipment that imitates human-directed action from 1940.

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  • "automatic gun," 1902, from automatic (adj.). Indicating "motorized vehicle with automated transmission" is from 1949.

automatic meaning in Sports Dictionary

a method enabling a gun to constantly weight and fire it self. (sport: Guns and Ammunition)

automatic meaning in Business Dictionary

unit, treatment, or system that self-activates (or is performed) under programmed or specified problems and performs specified features.

automatic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Automatical

Sentence Examples with the word automatic

Its position is then fixed by an automatic grip, and the coin falling down a shoot enters one of three compartments of a box, according to the position of the beam when it is arrested.

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