What does autoimmune disease mean?

autoimmune disease meaning in Urban Dictionary

A disease where body creates antibodies that attack a unique areas, resulting in the deterioration and in some cases on destruction of such structure. In less complicated terms, it is if your immunity...is...bad.

autoimmune disease meaning in Medical Dictionary

a condition that occurs once the human body tissues tend to be assaulted by its own immunity system. The immunity is a complex organization in the torso that's designed generally to "look for and destroy" invaders of human anatomy, including infectious agents. Patients with autoimmune conditions often have unusual antibodies circulating in their bloodstream that target unique human anatomy tissues.

autoimmune disease meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any disease which an animal's body creates antibodies which are used against itself.

autoimmune disease meaning in General Dictionary

some of a sizable group of diseases characterized by unusual performance associated with the immune protection system that triggers your immunity system to make antibodies against a tissues