What does autocratic mean?

autocratic meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to autocracy or to an autocrat absolute holding separate and arbitrary powers of federal government

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  • offensively self-assured or provided to exercising often unwarranted power
  • characteristic of a total ruler or absolute guideline; having absolute sovereignty
  • Alt. of Autocratical

autocratic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1823, from French autocratique, from autocrate, from Greek autokrates (see autocrat). Earlier on autocratoric (1670s) was directly from Greek autokratorikos. Autocratical is attested from 1801.

autocratic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Autocratical

Sentence Examples with the word autocratic

But his health was failing and he withdrew from politics, spending his last years as a benevolent and autocratic country magnate.

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