What does autoanilingus mean?

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When a person licks (or rims) their own anus.Facts:-It CANNOT flavor bad should you choose it right! It actually tastes decent in accordance with most.-It feels "amazing". In this situation it is a form of masturbation.-Autorimming IS ACHIEVABLE via backwards or further forward contortion. People who can do autofellatio may possibly do this!-Autorimming could cause problems (some as a result of severe contortionism among others because that anal area wasn't clean). So be careful and any discomfort is a negative signthis could be categorized since the higher individual goal for men by many then autofellatio since it evidently feels better.These terms DON'T REQUIRE a hyphen (like auto-fellatio are autofellatio).This in addition does not move you to homosexual. Not even bisexual. You remain similar sexuality.