What does authorization mean?

authorization meaning in General Dictionary

The act of providing authority or legal power establishment by authority sanction or warrant

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  • formal authorization or endorsement
  • the ability or straight to provide sales or make decisions
  • a document giving the official instruction or demand
  • the work of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant
  • The act of providing expert or legal energy; establishment by authority; sanction or warrant.

authorization meaning in Law Dictionary

1.how a party is validated if they start a transaction. 2. offering or doubting accessibility a user based on their autheniciation and agreement.

authorization meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from authorize + -ation. Early in the day type had been auctorisation (belated 15c.).

authorization meaning in Business Dictionary

1. General: Process found in verifying your individual or organization who has got requested or started an activity has the to do this. 2. Computer access: procedure of granting or denying a person the accessibility a protected system. Many computer protection systems are derived from a-two action process: (1) verification to ensure that the entity asking for use of the machine is exactly what or who it claims becoming, and (2) agreement to permit access and then those resources which are appropriate to this entity's identity.

authorization meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of providing expert or legal power; organization by authority; sanction or warrant.

Sentence Examples with the word authorization

About 1350 she went to Rome, partly to obtain from the pope the authorization of the new order, partly in pursuance of her self-imposed mission to elevate the moral tone of the age.

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