What does authorities mean?

authorities meaning in General Dictionary

the corporation that's the governing expert of a political device

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  • of Authority

authorities meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) earlier decisions by process of law of attraction which offer appropriate assistance to a court on questions in an ongoing suit, that are called "precedents." Appropriate briefs (penned arguments) are often known as "points and authorities." Therefore, legal counsel "alludes to" the previously determined cases as "authorities" for his/her legal jobs. 2) a common term for police force, like in "i'll call the authorities" (in other words. authorities).

authorities meaning in Law Dictionary

Citations to statutes, precedents, judicial decisions, and text-books of this law, made on the argument of questions of legislation or the trial of causes before a court, in support of the legal roles contended for.

authorities meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Authority

Sentence Examples with the word authorities

Ridges do not exceed 900 ft., and some authorities estimate it at 500 ft.

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