What does authoritarianism mean?

authoritarianism meaning in Law Dictionary

When instructions get with threats. This is done to cement the ability condition for the events included. It should be maintained.

authoritarianism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1883; see authoritarian + -ism. Early utilize mainly in communist jargon.

authoritarianism meaning in Business Dictionary

Rehearse of management by which orders are released with threats of punishment for disobedience, and which is based on the belief that standing and power differences in a business are appropriate and must be preserved.

authoritarianism meaning in General Dictionary

a form of federal government when the ruler is an absolute dictator (maybe not limited by a constitution or regulations or resistance etc.)

authoritarianism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

That theory of real information which keeps that truth of any proposition is dependent upon the fact of their having been asserted by a particular esteemed individual or selection of individuals. Cf. H. Newman, Grammar of Assent; C. S. Peirce, "Fixation of Belief," in Chance, enjoy and Logic, ed. M. R. Cohen. -- A.C.B.