What does authenticity mean?

authenticity meaning in General Dictionary

the grade of being genuine or of established authority for truth and correctness

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  • undisputed credibility
  • the standard of becoming authentic or of established expert for truth and correctness.
  • Genuineness; the standard of being real or perhaps not corrupted from the original.

authenticity meaning in Urban Dictionary

becoming who you really are, playing your self and making yours choices, without purchasing most of the crap community foists for you. Ensure that it stays real. (authentic)

authenticity meaning in Law Dictionary

The validity of a document or record. The document is held in original kind without any tampering.

authenticity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1760; see genuine + -ity. Earlier in the day type had been authentity (1650s).

authenticity meaning in Business Dictionary

Characteristic of a document or record produced by the entity represented as the creator, and preserved with its original kind without the falsification or tampering. A genuine trademark is usually the most readily useful proof authenticity.

authenticity meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

In a general feeling, genuineness, truth based on its title. It involves often a direct and personal characteristic (Whitehead talks of "authentic emotions"). This word in addition refers to problems of fundamental criticism concerning title, custom, authorship and proof. These problems tend to be essential in theology, and standard in scholarship with regard to the explanation of texts and doctrines. -- T.G.

authenticity meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The caliber of becoming authentic or of founded authority for truth and correctness.

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  • (letter.) Genuineness; the quality of being real or otherwise not corrupted from initial.

Sentence Examples with the word authenticity

In spite of some hesitation, with regard rather to the official character than to the historical authenticity of the letters attributed to the popes of the earlier centuries, the False Decretals were accepted with confidence, together with the authentic texts which served as a passport for them.

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