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1. A person who makes quotes continuously about topics of no interest to other people only to make himself appear more smart than he actually is. A Mutation comparable to autism:lack of total mind activity(yet for some reason handles to live?). a person who cannot spell "a" or include 0+0. you can easily tell when someone is suffering from austinism once you evidence read their emails and discover that not even spell check features a damn clue what is being typed... or when they talk with both you and you imagine you are in an episode of "Life continues on"(see Corkey). this disease is very contagious, may be handed down sexually, airborne, actual contact, and/or dreaded "conversation with one of THEM", or simply by sitting for a passing fancy bathroom chair. additionally- one could be born with austinism ie: mother or dad had "IT" or mom ingested large amounts of weed, booze, or other medications.Good development; there's an end to this problem. though school may do little to help the contaminated, demise could be the simplest treatment. austinism could be slowly diminished by simply maintaining the infected people continuously dipping tobacco or sleeping at their particular desks. no drug having the ability to heal has actually however be submitted towards the Food And Drug Administration.