What does auspices mean?

auspices meaning in Etymology Dictionary

plural (and today the usual kind) of auspice; 1530s, "observation of wild birds for the intended purpose of using omens," from French auspice (14c.), from Latin auspicum "divination from the journey of wild birds; function of an auspex" (q.v.). Meaning "any sign for the future (especially favorable)" is from 1650s; earlier (1630s) in extended feeling of "benevolent influence of higher energy, impact exerted on behalf of somebody or something," initially in expression under the auspices of.

auspices meaning in General Dictionary

kindly endorsement and assistance

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auspices meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Auspice

Sentence Examples with the word auspices

The city is the seat of Beloit College, a co-educational, non-sectarian institution, founded under the auspices of the Congregational and Presbyterian churches in 1847, and having, in 1907-1908, 36 instructors and 430 students.

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