What does auspex mean?

auspex meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "one which observes flights of birds for the purpose of using omens," from Latin auspex "interpreter of omens given by wild birds," from PIE *awi-spek- "observer of wild birds," from *awi- "bird" (see aviary) + *spek- "to see" (see range (n.1)). Compare Greek oionos "bird of prey," also "bird of omen, omen," and ornis "bird," which also could imply "omen."

auspex meaning in General Dictionary

(old Rome) a religious official whom interpreted omens to guide general public plan

Sentence Examples with the word auspex

The augures were originally called auspices, but, while auspex 1 fell into disuse and was replaced by augur, auspicium was retained as the scientific term for the observation of signs.

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