What does ausgehen mean?

ausgehen - German to English

burning away [fire, candle]

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  • ahead off
  • to come on
  • going out [light, fire]
  • to step out
  • to run [colour]
  • to run completely [to be (almost) consumed]
  • to perform dry [resources, resources]
  • to turn out [well, poorly etc.]
  • to fall away [hair]
  • to go black colored
  • up to now [someone]
  • becoming sent down [mail]
  • going on (for a walk)
  • to go clubbing [coll.]
  • to leave the house
  • to fade
  • to run down [resources]
  • going away [leave a person's house, for activity]
  • to finish
  • to finish [run away, expire]