What does ausflippen mean?

ausflippen - German to English

going crazy

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  • to wack away
  • to flip out [coll.]
  • to freak out [coll.]
  • to get freaked out [coll.]
  • to get into a froth [coll.]
  • to go ape [sl.]
  • going bananas [coll.]
  • going nuts [coll.]
  • to reduce it [coll.]
  • to psyche away [coll.]
  • to psych out [coll.] [freak on]
  • to rage [go wild]
  • to put a tantrum
  • to wig out [esp. Am.] [coll.] [become extremely passionate; get totally crazy]
  • to come unglued [Am.] [coll.]
  • to flip