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Well, AHS is one of the most preppy schools around. Full of douche bags its difficult to get someone worthy adequate to be a buddy. All we value is crisis and facebook/twitter. Weed normally a huge factor only at the fantastic AHS. Walk up to anybody within the halls and 90percent of that time period indeed there gonna have weed within their backpack. Essentially, if you are regarding soccer staff you walk around and think your shit doesnt stink. There's never ever any thinking in case your a nerd or not...just view friends. And yes your cabinet comes with US Eagle, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie. You know you go to aurora whenever you believe your preferred whenever 15 people like your TBH status on twitter. We specialize in producing fake as well as 2 faced people. We already have double the enrollment because everybody right here has actually two personalities. Ensure you get to understand each of them before welcoming them to your homecoming team. The weather in school is wonderful. When its cool outside its freezing in building, plus in the summer we opt to change heat on! Thank you for visiting AHS :)