What does aureate mean?

aureate meaning in General Dictionary

Golden gilded

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  • elaborately or exceptionally ornamented
  • obtaining the deep a little brownish colour of silver
  • Golden; gilded.

aureate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "gold, gold-colored," in addition figuratively, "splendid, brilliant," from Latin aureatus "decorated with silver," from aureus "golden," from aurum "gold," from PIE root *aus- (2) "gold" (cognates: Sanskrit ayah "metal," Avestan ayo, Latin aes "brass," Old English ar "brass, copper, bronze," Gothic aiz "bronze," Old Lithuanian ausas "gold"), probably regarding root *aus- "to shine" (see aurora).

aureate meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Golden; gilded.

Sentence Examples with the word aureate

In language they are still Scottish; if they show any southern affectations, it is (all echoes of the older aureate style notwithstanding) the affectation of Tudor and Elizabethan English.

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