What does auf etw. verzichten mean?

auf etw. verzichten - German to English

to deny yourself sth.

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  • to divest oneself of sth.
  • to eschew sth. [renounce]
  • to forego sth.
  • to provide sth. a miss [coll.] [Br.]
  • to give up sth. [habit]
  • to go without sth.
  • to pass through on sth.
  • to pass sth. up
  • to refrain from sth.
  • to free sth. [do without]
  • to just take a pass on sth.
  • to waive sth. [do without]
  • to produce up sth.
  • to abandon sth. [relinquish, e.g. a claim, a right, etc.]