What does auditory mean?

auditory meaning in General Dictionary

An assembly of hearers a gathering

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  • Of or pertaining to hearing or even to the good sense or body organs of hearing once the auditory neurological See Ear
  • of or regarding the procedure of reading
  • Of or with respect to hearing, or even the good sense or organs of hearing; because, the auditory nerve. See Ear.
  • An assembly of hearers; a gathering.
  • An auditorium.

auditory meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Latin auditorius "pertaining to hearing," from auditor "hearer" (see auditor).

auditory meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

any such thing with respect to so what can be heard; hearing.

auditory meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An assembly of hearers; an audience.

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  • (letter.) An auditorium.

Sentence Examples with the word auditory

The skull, which must have consisted of hardened cartilage, exhibits pairs of nasal and auditory capsules, with a gill-apparatus below its hinder part, but no indications of ordinary jaws.

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