What does auditor mean?

auditor meaning in General Dictionary

A hearer or listener

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  • a person who listens attentively
  • a student whom attends a program but cannot take it for credit
  • a professional accountant whom inspects the accounting records and methods of a small business or other business
  • A hearer or listener.
  • people appointed and authorized to audit or examine an account or accounts, compare the costs with the vouchers, analyze the events and witnesses, allow or decline charges, and condition the balance.
  • person who hears judicially, as in a gathering judge.

auditor meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an accountant whom conducts an audit to validate the precision associated with the monetary records and bookkeeping methods of a business or federal government. A suitable review will explain too little accounting and other monetary businesses. Many counties have actually an appointed or elected auditor to create independent audits of governmental companies into the county federal government. The expression "auditor" is frequently misused as meaning any accountant.

auditor meaning in Finance Dictionary

one appointed by a business to perform an audit. In the united kingdom auditors tend to be Chartered accounting firms.s must approve that the reports generated by their particular customer businesses have been ready prior to accounting requirements and express a genuine and reasonable view regarding the organization. If they don't feel capable approve as such, they could qualify the accounts by stating that these were unable to do the inspections they might have liked to create. The qualification of some reports by an auditor is a critical matter for a quoted company and will concern investors.

auditor meaning in Law Dictionary

general public officer whoever purpose would be to examine and pass upon the accounts and vouchers of officials with obtained and expended general public money by lawful expert. Used. An officer (or officers) regarding the court, assigned to state the things of debit and credit involving the events in a suit where records have been in question, and show the balance. Whitwell v. Willardj 1 Mete. (Mass.) 218. In English law. An officer or representative regarding the crown, or of a private person, or corjioration, who examines sporadically the accounts of under officials, tenants, stewards, or bailiffs, and reports hawaii of their records to his key.

auditor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "official which obtains and examines reports;" belated 14c., "a listener," from Anglo-French auditour (Old French oieor "listener, court clerk," 13c.; contemporary French auditeur), from Latin auditor "a hearer," from auditus, previous participle of audire "to listen to" (see market). Indicating "receiver and examiner of accounts" is mainly because this process formerly was done, and vouched for, orally.

auditor meaning in Business Dictionary

someone who inspects and verifies the accuracy of an organization's functional and/or monetary documents. Public organizations have to utilize a public accounting company the conduct of an audit of these economic statements.

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  • comptroller

auditor meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) A hearer or listener.

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  • (a.) People appointed and authorized to audit or examine an account or records, compare the charges aided by the vouchers, examine the functions and witnesses, allow or reject costs, and state the total amount.
  • (a.) Person who hears judicially, as with a gathering courtroom.

Sentence Examples with the word auditor

The state treasurer and auditor may not hold office during two consecutive terms. Convicts are deprived of the privilege of citizenship only during imprisonment.

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