What does audit mean?

audit meaning in General Dictionary

To settle or adjust an account

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  • To examine and adjust as a merchant account or reports concerning audit the accounts of a treasure or of parties who've a suit depending in court
  • a gathering a hearing
  • examine carefully for precision using the intent of confirmation
  • attend educational classes without getting credit
  • an inspection of this bookkeeping treatments and records by an experienced accountant or CPA
  • a methodical assessment or report about a condition or scenario
  • a gathering; a hearing.
  • An examination generally; a judicial evaluation.
  • caused by such an examination, or a free account because modified by auditors; last account.
  • an over-all receptacle or receiver.
  • to look at and adjust, as a free account or records; as, to audit the accounts of a prize, or of parties who have a suit depending in judge.
  • To settle or adjust an account.

audit meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an evaluation by an experienced accountant associated with the financial files of a small business or government entity, including noting incorrect or reckless methods, recommendations for improvements, and a balancing for the publications. An audit performed by staff members is known as "internal review," plus one carried out by an independent (outside) accountant is an "independent review." Even an independent audit are limited for the reason that the financial information is directed at the auditor without an examination of all promoting papers. Auditors will remember that the audit was predicated on these types of restricted information and can won't sign the review as a warranty of this reliability of this information offered.

audit meaning in Finance Dictionary

The official study of an organization's records by an experienced accountant additional toward organization.

audit meaning in Law Dictionary

a verb; to produce the official investigation and study of records and vouchers. As a noun; the entire process of auditing records ; the hearing and investigation had before an auditor. Individuals v. Green, 5 Daly (N. Y.) 200; Maddox v. Randolph County, 65 Ga. 218; Machias River Co. v. Pope, 35 myself. 22; Cobb County v. Adams, 68 Ga. 51; Clement v. Lewiston, 97 me personally. 95, 53 Atl. 9S5; individuals v. Barnes, 114 N. Y. 317, 20 N. E. 609; In re Clark, 5 Fed. Cas. 854.

audit meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Latin auditus "a hearing," past participle of audire "hear" (see market). Official examination of records, which originally ended up being an oral treatment.

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  • mid-15c., from audit (n.). Related: Audited; auditing.

audit meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Accounting: organized assessment and verification of a company's books of account, transaction files, other appropriate documents, and real evaluation of stock by skilled accounting firms (known as auditors). See additionally outside review and inner review. 2. Quality control: Periodic (usually every six months) onsite-verification (by a certification authority) to ascertain whether a reported high quality system will be effectively implemented.

audit meaning in Insurance Dictionary

a study for the economic files of you or company performed yearly (normally) to ascertain exposures, limitations, premiums, etc.

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audit meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) A gathering; a hearing.

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  • (a.) An examination in general; a judicial evaluation.
  • (a.) The consequence of these types of an examination, or an account as adjusted by auditors; last account.
  • (a.) A general receptacle or receiver.
  • (v. t.) To look at and adjust, as a merchant account or reports; as, to audit the records of a treasure, or of functions who have a suit depending in courtroom.
  • (v. i.) To settle or adjust a free account.

Sentence Examples with the word audit

It was constituted as an audit office with monocratic status.

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