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an audi a4 is certainly not a drunkin fin car....i don't understand what that eeven suggests, anyways. the a4 is a truely impressive car, not just for spectators (ok, so someone types arent that attractive) but for the motorist. even the oldest inspiratio ns for a4 tend to be truely magnificent cars. they drive, deal with, and are styled beautifully. i prefer the a4 to many BMWs and especialy most mercedes. whilst, yes, the automobile is expensive to repair, you dont must correct it that often, but also for the car, a straightforward, big check is a smal sacrifice for these types of a driving knowledge. An automobile not just possessed by a drunkin Fin, but each and every time it goes into for a straightforward car care, the mechanics look for $3000.00 bucks worth of breakdowns. Many just who possess this vehicle regret maybe not purchasing a ford focus.