What does aubergine mean?

aubergine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"eggplant," 1794, from French aubergine, "fruit associated with eggplant" (Solanum esculentum), diminutive of auberge "a type of peach," variant of alberge, from Spanish alberchigo "apricot" [OED]. Klein derives the French term from Catalan alberginera, from Arabic al-badinjan "the eggplant," from Persian badin-gan, from Sanskrit vatigagama. As a color that way of eggplant fruit, it's attested from 1895.

aubergine meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Purple fruit, made use of as a vegetable. Also known as an eggplant. Another (Indian) term for eggplant or aubergine is brinjal.

aubergine meaning in General Dictionary

hairy upright herb indigenous to southeastern Asia but widely cultivated for the large shiny delicious fresh fruit widely used as a veggie

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  • egg-shaped veggie having a shiny skin usually dark purple but occasionally white or yellow

aubergine - German to English

aubergine-colored [Am.]

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  • aubergine-coloured [Br.]
  • aubergine [Solanum melongena] [esp. Br.]
  • brinjal
  • egg-plant [Solanum melongena] [esp. Am.]
  • eggplant [Solanum melongena] [esp. Am.]

aubergine - French to English


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  • aubergine [esp. Br.]

Sentence Examples with the word aubergine

Acting upon that theory, the experts of TokyO and Nagoya have produced many very beautiful specimens of monochrome enamelyellow (canary or straw), rose du Barry, liquid-dawn, red, aubergine purple, green (grass or leaf), dove-grey and lapis lazuli bl,ue.

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