What does au mean?

au meaning in General Dictionary

the unit of length equal to the mean distance associated with the Earth from sunshine about 93 million miles 150 million kiometers made use of nearly solely in astronomy or even explain astronomical distances

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  • a soft yellowish malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic factor; takes place mainly as nuggets in stones and alluvial build up; will not respond with most chemical compounds but is assaulted by chlorine and aqua regia
  • a product of length employed for distances within the solar power system; corresponding to the mean length between your Earth in addition to sunlight (approximately 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers)

au meaning in Chat Slang Dictionary

as always

au meaning in Etymology Dictionary

chemical logo for "gold," from Latin aurum "gold" (see aureate).

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  • French, "at the, on," from Old French al, contraction of a le, with -l- softened to -u-, as additionally poudre from pulverem, chaud from calidus, etc. Used in many expressions in cookery, etc., which may have entered the Channel since 18c., such as for example au contraire, actually "on the contrary;" au gratin, virtually "with scrapings;" au jus, virtually "using juice."

au - German to English

ooh [in pain]

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  • pasture
  • meadow [esp. piece of reduced surface near a river]
  • ewe
  • flood simple

au - French to English

at (the)

Sentence Examples with the word au

Du Pont's most important works, besides those mentioned above, were his De l'origine et des progres d'une science nouvelle (London and Paris, 1767); Physiocratie, ou constitution naturelle du gouvernement le plus avantageux au genre humain (Paris, 1768); and his Observations sur les effets de la liberte du commerce des grains (1760).

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